Amazing Grace

June 9, 2017 Davey Walker Branch Notes

For some time I have been meditating on John 8—the woman caught in adultery. I pray that you’d be encouraged, as we realize how amazing the grace of God in Christ is in our lives.


There was a common woman in an uncommon world;

waking up one morning in controversy that swirled;

she was set to taste the rubble of her impending doom;

Shameful thoughts covered her heart with utter gloom;

no inn would heed her room,

the undertaker dug her tomb;

and all she could wish was a return to her mother’s womb.

She stood and faced the angry mob,

tears would not form;

though she wanted so desperately to sob.

She was guilty, with nowhere to hide;

the comfort of a night, her identity hid in a man’s side;

in the embrace of a man her body with certainty died.

She knew what she had done, the secret was flung;

then hung and judgment in one accord sung.

Her justice meter went wild,

she was the only one on trial;

yet it was she they brought their laundry list to file.

So she closed her eyes, swallowed her last breath;

gazed toward hell, and awaited her death.

But then a shadow grazed her feet;

stones fell with rhythmic beat;

while she stood face to face to meet;

the end of her life, yet the beginning of another.

The kind Man stood, gazing at her soul;

her heart beat fast, yet judgment not His goal;

reshaping her hole, erasing the litany of her sinful toll.

Her mind began to thirst, the dam in her heart began to burst;

and she fell upon her face, humbled at His embrace.

He could have said anything and she would have followed;

but He would not let her wallow;

there in the sorrow of her impeachable gallows;

a new beginning she needed to swallow.

She’ll never forget His face, the infinite grace;

which challenged a hostile race;

and in a moment, He was gone without a trace.

He spoke five words;

and she, in that moment heard. “Go and sin no more”.

Forgiveness she wouldn’t ignore;

His words she shall ever ben lore.

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