Author: Josh Howeth

Hurricane Harvey | Opportunities To Help

September 4, 2017 Josh Howeth General
Many of us have been moved in different capacities to help those in need that were in the path of Hurricane Harvey. We often talk about the idea of praying, giving, and going.  Here are some ways to get involved in each area.
We have been praying for those victims in the tragic path of the hurricane and for the local church to be strengthened to show the love and compassion of Christ. We should continue to pray that God would be gloriously seen in the midst of this event, that needs would be met, and that people would come to know and trust Christ as a result.



We have the opportunity to donate supplies directly to the local churches on the front lines of recovery. Our sister churches, Imago Dei Community in Portland and Hub City in Albany, have asked us to contribute supplies to be sent down to Texas in moving trucks.  Below is a list of items you can donate and drop off at The Branch office from 8-5pm Tuesday September 5th and 8-12pm Wednesday September 6th. Or you can take them directly to North Albany Community Church gymnasium by Wednesday evening, at 1273 NW West Thornton Lake Dr, Albany, OR 97321
You can also contribute financially via disaster relief



We have begun communications with the North American Mission Board and local churches to potentially find a way to take a small team and serve in late October.  At this moment we are unsure how this looks but will keep you posted in the coming weeks as there will be months of rebuilding after the floods recede.
On a final note we often think of natural disasters when they occur but there is a way we can be equipped and trained to volunteer on the front lines before disasters occur through the Disaster Relief of the North American Mission Board. If you are interested in this training or going to serve later this year, please email Jeremy Cook and I will be in touch with you shortly.
In Christ,
Supply Needs to Donate by Wednesday Evening 9/6:
Children’s clothes
Baby clothes
Extension cords
Wheel barrows
Crow bars
Utility knives
Dust masks
Yard tools
Portable lights
Rubber gloves
Dust pans
Push brooms
Trash bags
First aid supplies
Water bottle cases

An Invitation To Celebrate

May 12, 2017 Josh Howeth General

We live in a world that moves at break-neck speed. So, it can be a challenge to learn to stop, reflect, and a be filled with a heart of gratitude for all that God is doing and has done.

I’m so thrilled that on May 21st we get to do just that.

On Sunday, May 21st, we are going to stop and celebrate the powerful and gracious movement of God. We will be gathering and baptizing six people whose lives have been radically changed by the love of God for us in Jesus. Nights like this are so important for us as a church, because God invites us to celebrate and listen to the stories of how Jesus has rescued people and is continuing to rescue people in this world.

Following our time of witnessing these testimonies of God’s grace, we will be sharing a meal together and celebrating new life. And so I pray you will make it a priority to join us that Sunday and be infused with encouragement as we get to see in a very practical way that God is not silent and inactive, but is very much on the move in this world.