How to Pass Out Flyers to Random Strangers

October 9, 2012 Matt Munger Branch Out 0 Comments

Can I get a show of hands of people who are chomping at the bit in order to hand out flyers to random strangers? What’s that I see, oh wait, I don’t see anything!

Admittedly passing out flyers isn’t the greatest gig in the world. I recently heard someone say they would rather go to the dentist than spend a few hours passing out flyers. If they hate the dentist as much as I do than that is saying something!

All the same, after having passed out thousands upon thousands of flyers, I have made some interesting observations. Here are a few tips that can make even the most novice and squeamish person into a seasoned veteran. Drum roll please!

Things You Should Do

1. Be friendly!
Nobody will take something from you if you look angry, bored, or simply don’t want to be there. A smiling face goes a long way toward making that first impression.

2. Creativity is the key
You have mere seconds in which you must convince someone you have something they would want. The phrase you use to capture their attention is the ticket to your success. By adding in an element of mystery, intrigue, or perhaps even a twist into your opening statement will hopefully be enough to spark their imagination so they want what you are offering.

3. Add an element of missing out
A phrase such as, “Do you have one of these yet?” works wonders. Most likely people do not have one yet and this particular phrase makes them suddenly realize everyone else probably does. Nobody wants to be the only one on the outside so they take one.

4. Find Commonality
It is amazing how quickly you can find common interests with people simply based upon the things they wear or have on their person. A sports team, band or other logo can be quickly and easily mentioned. More often than not the person will pause long enough for you to ask them if they would like a flyer and they have a much harder time saying no after you have established a connection to them.

5. Make snap judgments
Ok I said it. We all grow up being told not to judge, but in this particular instance you must. You can tell just by looking at some people whether or not they want a flyer. If they are doing their best to walk away, look away or simply flat out ignore you, than it is probably best if you don’t even bother.

Things Not To Do

1. Be offended
You cannot take it as a personal attack when someone, or a group of someone’s, refuses to take a flyer. No matter what you do, there will always be people who are unwilling to take anything.

2. Keep offering after a string of No’s
If you have a line of people heading your way and the first person says no, the other people behind that person suddenly get brave. They notice it is possible to say no to the flyer and they too can do the same. If this happens and people right after each other are saying no, just casually walk away and try again after those people have left.

3. Try if they are over 60
I have passed out thousands upon thousands of flyers. My success rate with people in this age bracket is somewhere around 1%. Perhaps they are wiser, perhaps they are professors; whatever the case may be they are a tough group to crack into.

4. Stress Out
It may seem out of your comfort zone to be so up front with complete strangers. However, remembering they are strangers and won’t remember you 5 minutes later can give you the boldness you are searching for.

5. Forget sunscreen and comfy shoes!
The most important thing to remember is to have fun. Whether you end up passing out one or one thousand all that matters at the end of the day is that you were a willing participant in letting God use you. You may never know the impact you can have on the life of just one individual.

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