Don’t Cry For Me Argentina

July 27, 2017 Davey Walker Branch Notes

I write this with a heavy heart. Our family will be moving this Monday to Portland, so that I can be a resident at Hinson Church. Over the last few years, it has been apparent that I need some further pastoral training and I am thankful to have the opportunity to learn and study under their guidance.

With that said, I just want to say how grateful I am for the past 5 years, in which I’ve had the privilege of being your Associate Pastor. It is and will be, one of the great honors and privileges of my life. Memories flood my mind and overwhelm my emotions at what a wonderful church you are. I love you all and trust God that you will be cared for by the pastors/elders while you follow Christ.

Thank you for caring for my family, for supporting us, and for your friendships. August 6th will be our last Sunday worshipping with you all and I look forward to seeing you and saying goodbye.

And if you give me but a few more minutes of your time, I’d like to say one more thing. I don’t know what is on the horizon for any of you, but I do know that God is in control, God is good, and God will comfort you. I don’t know what will come around the next bend, but I do know that Christ with accompany you through life’s twists and turns. I don’t know the future in particular, but I do know the future in general, and that future is bright, and glorious, and heavenly.

Some nights I sing to my children. I’ll gaze in their eyes and sing, “He’s got the whole world in his hand, He’s got the whole world in his hand, He’s got the whole world in His hands, He’s got the whole world in His hands”. Nothing could be truer. He’s got each and every one of you in his hands and so I leave with that wonderful comfort.

Christ is such a wonderful Savior. And each and every day, it is incumbent for us all, to gaze into his beautiful face and worship him as Lord. That is where true joy and happiness reside.

I am excited for this next season in the Branch’s life. Josh is coming back from sabbatical in early August, new interns will be coming in September, and as always, new freshman faces and new members will be part of our church. The future is bright.

So let us all say, like a Saint of old, “no retreats, no reserves, no regrets”. Let that be our anthem, as we know Christ and make him known.

I love you all,

Stephen and Lisa Brucker

Amazing Grace

June 9, 2017 Davey Walker Branch Notes

For some time I have been meditating on John 8—the woman caught in adultery. I pray that you’d be encouraged, as we realize how amazing the grace of God in Christ is in our lives.


There was a common woman in an uncommon world;

waking up one morning in controversy that swirled;

she was set to taste the rubble of her impending doom;

Shameful thoughts covered her heart with utter gloom;

no inn would heed her room,

the undertaker dug her tomb;

and all she could wish was a return to her mother’s womb.

She stood and faced the angry mob,

tears would not form;

though she wanted so desperately to sob.

She was guilty, with nowhere to hide;

the comfort of a night, her identity hid in a man’s side;

in the embrace of a man her body with certainty died.

She knew what she had done, the secret was flung;

then hung and judgment in one accord sung.

Her justice meter went wild,

she was the only one on trial;

yet it was she they brought their laundry list to file.

So she closed her eyes, swallowed her last breath;

gazed toward hell, and awaited her death.

But then a shadow grazed her feet;

stones fell with rhythmic beat;

while she stood face to face to meet;

the end of her life, yet the beginning of another.

The kind Man stood, gazing at her soul;

her heart beat fast, yet judgment not His goal;

reshaping her hole, erasing the litany of her sinful toll.

Her mind began to thirst, the dam in her heart began to burst;

and she fell upon her face, humbled at His embrace.

He could have said anything and she would have followed;

but He would not let her wallow;

there in the sorrow of her impeachable gallows;

a new beginning she needed to swallow.

She’ll never forget His face, the infinite grace;

which challenged a hostile race;

and in a moment, He was gone without a trace.

He spoke five words;

and she, in that moment heard. “Go and sin no more”.

Forgiveness she wouldn’t ignore;

His words she shall ever ben lore.

Restore Corvallis

June 1, 2017 Davey Walker Branch Notes

Our mission at the Branch is to be in awe of the gospel, to embody the gospel and then to give our lives away because of the gospel.  There are many ways we give our lives away as the Branch, and in this season, we are excited to partner with the city of Corvallis and invest in Cloverland Park thorugh Restore Corvallis.

This Saturday from 9-12 we will be serving Cloverland Park to restore it thorugh weeding, putting out barkdust and more.

One of the exciting things about this, is not just that we will be working at the park, but also, that we will be working alongside people in the community.

This past week, Andrew Glaspell and others have been passing out flyers and rallying people in the community to come help with this service project. Please be praying for them and for those who come to serve alongside our church.  This is a great bridge to meet new people in the community over the shared value caring for all that God has made.

So if you are available, we’d love to see you at Cloverland Park in Corvallis this Saturday from 9-12, to live out our mission, love our city, and see Christ magnified.