Restore Corvallis

June 1, 2017 Davey Walker Branch Notes

Our mission at the Branch is to be in awe of the gospel, to embody the gospel and then to give our lives away because of the gospel.  There are many ways we give our lives away as the Branch, and in this season, we are excited to partner with the city of Corvallis and invest in Cloverland Park thorugh Restore Corvallis.

This Saturday from 9-12 we will be serving Cloverland Park to restore it thorugh weeding, putting out barkdust and more.

One of the exciting things about this, is not just that we will be working at the park, but also, that we will be working alongside people in the community.

This past week, Andrew Glaspell and others have been passing out flyers and rallying people in the community to come help with this service project. Please be praying for them and for those who come to serve alongside our church.  This is a great bridge to meet new people in the community over the shared value caring for all that God has made.

So if you are available, we’d love to see you at Cloverland Park in Corvallis this Saturday from 9-12, to live out our mission, love our city, and see Christ magnified.

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