Jesus changes our lives. Radically. Though for many followers of Jesus, we understand that Jesus saves us from our sin, from hell and restores us into a relationship with God, but beyond those truths, we are often times stumped as to how Jesus has radically transformed our lives today. For people that don’t follow Jesus, they might look at the church and at the Christ and wonder, “what’s so great about Jesus?” That’s where Romans 8 comes in. 

Romans chapters 1-7 describe in painstaking detail all that people are apart from Jesus and all that Jesus has done for people. Romans 8 lays out for us what happens to our lives when we trust in Jesus solely for our salvation. We become united to Christ and a beautiful life begins to unfold. We become new creations. We awake, you could say. 

Are you awake to who you truly are in Jesus and the life available to you now? Have you ever wondered what’s so great about Jesus? Come and join us as we spend 8 weeks walking through one of the most important chapters in the entire bible. Our hope is that as a church, we would awake to the beautiful realities of life in Jesus, and because of that, we would be sent out, desiring to spread the good news and thereby, see the glory of God on display in our valley.