Wherever You Are, Be All There

May 18, 2017 Julia Campbell Branch Notes

I’ve always loved the quote by Jim Elliot that says, “Wherever you are, be all there.” I love this not because I’m good at living it out, but because I’m not.

I’ve always struggled with discontentment. My heart and mind is always advancing to the next big thing. It’s energizing. I fantasize about what the next year or season will look like in my life. I long for change, only for the good, or when it benefits me in some way of course.

Yet the problem with this way of thinking is it causes me to live in the future not the present. I miss out on the many rich blessings and opportunities that the Lord has given me here and now. Ones that won’t be there next week, next year, or when I’m fifty. I lose sight of why God has placed me in this season of my life. I’m distracted by things I hope will happen. Things that are not promised to me. Things that may not even happen or be part of God’s plan. I don’t know about you but that scares me. I would hate to miss out on how the Lord desires to use me because I’m simply not paying attention.

Right now, I’m fighting against discontentment. There will always be a season in life when you want the next big thing to happen – whether that’s to move out of our parent’s house, graduate from college, get a new job, get married, or start a family. I’m not saying you shouldn’t plan or be excited about the future. I’m simply saying it shouldn’t consume your thoughts so much that it stops you from “being all there” here and now – where God has placed you. Be patient. Allow Him to use you. Bear much fruit in the specific season He’s placed you in.

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