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Our dream is to see God glorified by all peoples in all places.

2019 Mission Trips

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Application deadline: November 30, 2018

March 22 - 30, 2019 | $2400

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world, and has a long history of extreme natural disaters, internal strife, and political corruption. Yet in the midst of this country live children and young people with an amazing zeal for life and contagious joy. This trip will focus on working with some of the most amazing children you will ever meet. We will be working with Children of Nations in Haiti to bring the love of Christ to children living in extreme poverty. If you are passionate about loving children and get excited about being a part of a traditional summer camp environment, this trip is for you! You will also have meaningful opportunities to form relationships with the high school and college age students and volunteers who will be a part of the programming.

Contact Josh Armentano to express interest in this trip:


Horn of Africa Refugees
June 18 - 29, 2019 | $2600

This trip will be highly relationship focused. In order to provide the necessary space to allow that to happen, the trip will intentionally be far less time-oriented than other types of mission trips. This is intended to allow for maximum flexibility as the Spirit of God leads and directs the contacts we will make with the refugees. If hanging out in parks or coffee shops, or going out to meals with Horn of Africa refugees sounds life giving and rewarding to you than we would highly recommend this trip! There will be times of structure, for example when participating in the English language classes, but much of this trip will involve prayer, pursuing people, and allowing your heart to be changed as you witness God drawing Horn of Africa refugees to Himself.

Contact Josh Howeth to express interest in this trip:


Undisclosed Location
June 17 - July 1, 2019 | $3000

There are regions around the world where the Gospel message is actively opposed by governments and majority power structures. In these regions, the security and confidentiality of the labors of the Gospel must be closely guarded so as to avoid unnecessary assistance to the enemy and his schemes. God has seen fit to allow these hostile power structures to exist to clearly demonstrate to all his sovereignty as he gathers a people from these regions. This trip is one way we are participating in this great work. We will be traveling to a non-disclosed location where Gospel needs are great and the on-going work is challenged by various factors of opposition.

Contact Davey Walker to express interest in this trip:


Global Missions Pipeline

The Global Mission Pipeline is simple—it’s a training program to help equip and cement a foreign mission DNA within an individual. Within the program, you’ll read books, walk with a coach, write papers, and be exposed experientially to ministering cross-culturally.

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