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A Brief Introduction

God has seen fit in his providence to lead our church into a new season through the calling of our next lead pastor and the continued, servant leadership of our elders. Chief amongst our vision as a church is an abiding desire to engage the city of Corvallis and the campus of Oregon State University with the gospel of Jesus - that we might see worship spring forth from every corner and Christ's glory abound in this place. To this end, our prayer is for God to raise up a servant leader who will respond in obedience and faith to the call of God upon their lives and join us in leading our people towards this great passion.

Of the myriad of attributes, qualities, and giftings that our next lead pastor will undoubtedly possess, we are persuaded that beyond anything else we desire a man who abides in Christ and has embraced the reality that apart from Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit in his life he can do nothing. Our Good Shepherd will build His church, of this we are utterly convinced, and we have no notion that this is dependent on the talents or charisma of a lead pastor or elder team. First and foremost, a posture of humility and Christ-likeness is what our people need exemplified in our next lead pastor.

Of secondary importance, yet elevated in our minds to the category of non-negotiable, our next lead pastor must share our strong affinity for the following:

  • Expositional and gospel centric preaching
  • Global missions and church planting focus
  • Reformed theology
  • Baptistic polity
  • and a heart for college students

If upon reading this and carefully examining the role description, our church profile (Branch Book), and seeking out the Lord in prayer, you feel persuaded to explore this opportunity further we invite you to join us in this process. We will commit to being forthright and responsive every step of the way, and if indeed it is God’s will that you should join us in this journey towards Zion, we cannot wait to get started and welcome you into our vibrant and growing church family!

How to Apply

To start this process together, please fill out the form below and attach your resume and cover letter.

  • After reading through our Branch Book, reviewing the job description, and looking over our website, social media accounts, and listening to some of our past sermons, what is it specifically about our church that appeals to you? You can provide your response in this box or attach a document.
  • Please detail how you specifically meet the non-negotiables detailed in the job description for our next lead pastor. You can provide your response in this box or attach a document.
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